Business Accounts

Alaska USA offers a business checking account designed to save your business money. Features include fewer per-check fees, a low minimum deposit, and an opportunity to earn dividends.

Pair business checking with convenient depository services and a Business Visa® Check Card to simplify your money management!


Alaska USA offers business checking services for businesses of all sizes – meeting your needs efficiently, and with lower fees than you may have come to expect at other financial institutions.

That means you can put more of your money into growing your business

Earn dividends on your balance

A dividend is calculated for each day that you have at least $1,000 in your account. The more you have on deposit, the higher the dividend rate! Dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly.

Additional services enhance the convenience of Alaska USA business checking

  • Business Visa® Check Card for each signer on the account.
  • 24/7 access to UltraBranch Business Edition online services (additional charges may apply).
  • Remote Business Deposit allows eligible businesses to make deposits directly from their business location (application required).
  • Overdraft protection from an Alaska USA savings or money market account, or a business line of credit.

Making deposits is easy, from near or far

If you're in Alaska, depository access cards and special bags are available at many Alaska USA locations.

If you’re outside Alaska, you can order customized deposit tickets and use the Member Service Center deposit-by-mail service, or an Alaska USA branch where available.

Eligible businesses can use Remote Business Deposit to make deposits directly from their business location.


  • Monthly maintenance fee – $5 if your balance falls below $1,000 during the calendar month. The $5 fee is waived for non-profit organizations and associations.
  • Activity fee – for total checks deposited and/or paid in a calendar month: First 100 – no charge; 101 to 500 – 10¢ per item; More than 500 – 8¢ per item.
  • Deposit adjustment fee – $2 if the accompanying deposit ticket is inaccurate.
  • Returned item fee – $5 for each deposited check returned unpaid.
  • Cash services fees – for coin amounts over $200 in a calendar month (8¢ per roll per month disbursed; 4% of amount per month received) and currency over $10,000 in a calendar month ($1.00 per $1,000.00 per month disbursed; 10¢ per $1,000.00 per month received).

Put your money to work for you

When you open an Alaska USA savings account, you can start earning quarterly dividends with a low minimum balance. There are two kinds of savings accounts available:

Share Savings – $50 minimum daily balance to earn dividends ($5 minimum for members less than 26 years of age).

Premium Savings – $10,000 minimum balance to earn dividends.

If your balance changes significantly, you may wish to change your savings account type to earn higher dividends. You may do this one time per dividend period through UltraBranch® Business Edition, by visiting a branch, or by calling the Member Service Center.

Easy account access and management

  • Access your funds at any branch, at an ATM, or through UltraBranch Business Edition.
  • Alaska USA ATM cards allow you to access your savings account electronically.
  • You can use funds in your savings account to secure a pledge of shares loan.
  • Make up to six transfers per month from your savings account.*

Additional benefits

  • Dividends are paid quarterly into your account.
  • You can designate your savings account as a source for overdraft protection for your Alaska USA checking account.
  • Avoid the quarterly maintenance fee of $5 by keeping a minimum balance of $50 or by having an Alaska USA loan or line or credit.
Money Market


When you open a Money Market account, your money works for you by earning dividends based on current market conditions. Additionally, you still have instant access to your funds without a withdrawal penalty.

Alaska USA offers three Money Market accounts. There’s no minimum balance required to open an account, but there are minimum daily balances necessary to earn the stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Money Market account – $2,500 minimum balance to earn dividends.

Super Money Market account – $10,000 minimum balance to earn dividends. Higher dividend rate for balances above $25,000.

Jumbo Money Market account – $50,000 minimum balance to earn dividends. Higher dividend rate for balances above $100,000.

You will earn a different percentage yield based on the type of Money Market account you open. Rates may change daily based on market conditions. Look online for current rate information, or call the Member Service Center.

Make up to six transfers a month from your Money Market account.

Additional benefits

  • Dividends will be automatically deposited into your money market account each month.
  • Maintain a low balance of just $50 to avoid a $5 maintenance fee.
  • You can designate your Money Market account as a source for overdraft protection on your Alaska USA checking account.
  • Access funds easily at any branch, at an ATM, or through UltraBranch® Business Edition.
  • Take advantage of higher yield rates by changing Money Market account types when your balance grows. You may change your account type once per dividend period; it’s easy through UltraBranch Business Edition, by visiting a branch, or by calling the Member Service Center.

Use your money to earn even more

When you open a certificate account, you generally earn higher dividends on your funds than a typical savings account. Each account is opened for a set period of time, or term. Throughout the certificate term, your funds earn a guaranteed rate of return over the initial term of the certificate. Open your certificate with as little as $500. Depending on your minimum balance, you can find a term from 30 days up to five years.

Competitive rates for every account type

Alaska USA offers members competitive certificate rates for consumer, business, and public unit accounts.

Dividends the way you want them

Dividends accrue monthly for certificates with a term of 12 months or greater. You may choose to receive your dividend at the end of each calendar month, or have it automatically reinvested back into your certificate for greater earnings. For certificates with terms less than 12 months, dividends are paid at maturity.

When you set up your certificate, you may choose the account where you want your certificate funds deposited when it matures. You may also opt to have those funds automatically reinvested in another certificate. Or, you can request that a check be sent to you. You can change these options at any time during the certificate term.

Ladder multiple certificates for maximum benefit

Laddering is a method that helps you get the most earnings and most flexibility out of your certificates. It allows you to earn market-rate dividends while also having access to your funds within a relatively short period of time.

Start your ladder by opening several certificate accounts that mature at different times. For example, you can open accounts that mature in one year, two years, three years, and four years. Every year, one of your certificates will mature and you can roll it over into a new certificate with a longer term and new rate. Within a few years, you’ll have certificates that renew regularly, with staggered maturity dates.

Accessing your funds

While certificates are designed to hold your funds for a set length of time, there are options for accessing those funds if you end up needing them:

  • Pledge of certificate loan - You may borrow funds against your certificate. That gives you the flexibility of accessing your cash while still earning dividends on your funds.
  • Early withdrawal - You may access funds before the maturity date, but there is a penalty.
  • Alaska USA will send you a reminder notice shortly before your certificate matures so that you can review your dividend options.