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Your business can benefit from the same commitment to service, value, and convenience that Alaska USA members have enjoyed for more than 65 years! Alaska USA is a full-service financial institution for your business with loans, lines of credit, business checking, online services, debit cards, depository services, and merchant services.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Financial losses from check fraud reach into the billions each year, affecting companies and financial institutions of all sizes. Making Positive Pay an integral part of business banking can help prevent fraud from harming member businesses.

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a transaction management system that equips businesses with a powerful, automated fraud prevention tool focused on the check management needs of business members.

How does it work?

Member uploads an issued check file through their online business banking account one day prior to the issued check date. Positive Pay matches the amount, date, check number, and payee name to ensure the check is valid once presented to Alaska USA. If the check information does not match the issued check file provided, the check will be returned as an exception. The member will then have the option to pay or return.

Payee Match available to ensure the payee name has not been altered. This feature validates the payee name on the check image against the payee name in the check file submitted by the member. This adds another layer of protection for the business.


  • Protect your business
  • Manage your exceptions
  • Customize reporting for your business
  • Submit transactions individually or as a file


  • Positive Pay Monthly Fee: $75.00 other fees may apply
  • Positive Pay Service Fee: $20.00 per item
  • Positive Pay Item Fee: $.13 per item
  • Exception Item Fee: $1.00 per item
  • Positive Pay Return Item Fee: $20.00 per item
Online Business Banking

Online Business Banking

Use online business banking for more efficiency and control over your finances.

  • Bill Pay. Schedule and pay bills online.
  • ACH Credit.
  • Wires. Allows you to request an electronic transfer of funds to an account at another U.S. financial institution over the Fedwire.
  • Do business faster. Log in from anywhere, any time. Point and click to take care of tasks that used to take hours.
  • Get it at a glance. Review your business financial picture with quick and easy reports. You can even make and save custom report templates.
  • Delegate the details. Maintain control while you share the work by giving other users access to the features they need.
  • Send funds fast. Make same-day wire transfers to accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Make electronic deposits. Use ACH services.
  • Make online tax payments, manage withholdings, and view reports.
  • Keep track of it all with comprehensive account management from just one log in.

What does it cost to use online business banking?
There is no subscription fee to access online business banking. There are some fees associated with certain features, such as ACH transfers, wires, and Bill Pay.

There are also fees for services provided by 3rd party providers, such as check orders.

Remote Deposit

Remote Business Deposit

Remote Business Deposit provides eligible business members the ability to make check deposits at their convenience through a personal computer and scanning device. Checks are tallied and scanned, converted to electronic items, and transmitted to Alaska USA for review and credit to the account.

Maximize the efficiency of your business operations

In addition to generally streamlining your business operations, Remote Business Deposit offers:

  • Added convenience of depositing checks directly from your business, outside of branch hours
  • Reduced trips to a branch and lower transportation costs
  • Ability to deposit into multiple accounts, under separate deposits
  • Online access to images, deposits, and customizable reports for 24 months
  • Ability to set up multi-level user permissions in order to delegate financial tasks


Cost: There is a monthly fee of $35.

Processing schedule: Deposits made before 5 pm Monday through Friday will be processed the same day. Any deposit made after 5 pm, or on weekends and holidays, will be processed the following business day. Any transaction that does not meet the criteria required by the Remote Business Deposit service will prompt a Member Business Development Officer to contact your business to review and verify the deposit.

User support: In addition to a comprehensive user's guide, a Member Business Development Officer will be happy to assist you any time with questions and provide technical support.

Important Security Updates

The remote deposit application will be updated to the TLS 1.2 security standard on Sunday, June 17, 2018 in order to better protect your business.

All clients using the remote deposit application must upgrade to a web browser supporting the TLS 1.2 standard, or you may lose connectivity to the application. If you are using an older browser, you must update them prior to June 17, 2018, to avoid any possible loss of access. The following are the most current versions of the major browsers that support the TLS 1.2 security standard:• Chrome 66 • Firefox 59 • Internet Explorer 11 • Safari 11 • Opera 52 • Edge 17

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