Credit Line Loans

If you have occasional immediate needs for a little extra purchasing power or want the security of having a financial cushion, an Alaska USA Credit Line loan may be just right  for you. This revolving line of credit gives you the funds you need when you need them without having to reapply for a loan.

  • Apply now and relax, knowing the money will be there whenever you need it.
  • Access your credit line loan at the teller line; by telephone or mail; by ATM or UltraBranch® any time, day or night.
  • Use your credit line loan for overdraft protection on your Alaska USA checking account.
  • Pay no fees for taking an advance on your credit line loan.
  • Enjoy low monthly payments.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • Receive accurate and timely information with your monthly statement that shows outstanding balance, minimum payment due and the amount available for additional advances.