Pledge of Certificate Loans

If you already have an Alaska USA certificate account, you can structure your own loan. 

Reduce the cost of borrowing by continuing to earn dividends while your certificate account serves as collateral for your loan.  Enjoy the benefit of fast and efficient access to a loan, while still saving for the future.

When you get a loan from Alaska USA, you'll save time with our fast loan decisions, and save money by paying no application or origination fees. Our rates are competitive and terms are available to meet your individual needs.

No credit approval is needed for a pledge of certificate loan.

Pledge of Certificate Loan guideline

April 26, 1995
Maximum loan amount Balance of member's unencumbered share savings account or balance of any other unencumbered share savings account on which the member is a co-owner of the funds in this credit union.
Annual percentage rate (APR) Two percent (2%) above the pledged certificate rate. View loan rates.
Restrictions Loans will not be granted on share certificates earning a rate in excess of two percent (2%) below maximum statutory allowable loan interest rate.