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Set up direct deposit

When you sign up for direct deposit with your employer or benefits provider, your regular paycheck or benefits check is electronically deposited into your Alaska USA account.

Calculate EFT account number

You will need to provide your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) account number and Alaska USA's routing number (325272021) to your employer or benefits provider.

Private employer

If your employer offers direct deposit or payroll deduction, contact your personnel or payroll department for the appropriate authorization form, or download the standard form, complete it, and submit it to your employer.

Federal benefits

If you receive federal benefits such as social security, Alaska USA can send your request for direct deposit electronically to the appropriate government agency. Simply download the federal direct deposit form and return it to Alaska USA.

Federal payroll

  • Contact your payroll office

If you receive other federal payments such as civil service or military pay, call your payroll office for the proper authorization form and instructions for completion.