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Services Available

Active duty benefits under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Military families have rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act that can help make ends meet when a family member is called to active duty or deployed.

Learn more about these Active duty benefits.

Do you deal with savings bonds?

Alaska USA is a redeeming agent only. Alaska USA does not sell savings bonds.

Do you have a coin rolling machine available?

Coin-counting machines are available in select branch locations. These machines will count your bulk coinage for a small fee and provide a receipt to take to a teller for deposit or redemption.

All branches also maintain a supply of wrappers that you can use to roll your coins.

Do you offer notary service?

Yes, notary service is available to Alaska USA members at most branch locations.

Do you offer travelers checks?

No, we do not sell travelers cheques.

Do you offer Western Union?

No. Due to changes in federal regulations, Alaska USA has discontinued Western Union services as of October 28, 2013.

Western Union money transfer services are available at many retail locations and online at

Does Alaska USA offer safe deposit boxes?

Alaska USA does not offer safe deposit box services.

How long does it take a bank wire to get to its destination?

Domestic (U.S. destination) wires may take 12 to 72 hours to arrive at the destination financial institution. The receipt time is dependent upon the time the request was received, any weekend or holiday periods, the geographical location of the destination financial institution, and/or the number of correspondent financial institutions involved in the routing process.

Foreign (non-U.S. destination) wire transfers, once transmitted outside the United States, are no longer under the jurisdiction of U.S. banking laws. The recipient may receive the wire transfer before or on the availability date specified on the Receipt Disclosure provided to you at the time of payment.

What services do you offer through the Member Service Center?

The Member Service Center provides access to all savings, checking and consumer loan services. You can call the Member Service Center to:

  • Submit applications for all types of consumer loans
  • Make withdrawals or obtain loan advances, with funds forwarded by:
    • Credit Union Check via U.S. mail
    • Fed Wire Transfer
  • Transfer funds between credit union accounts
  • Obtain current balances, rates and other information on savings, checking and loan accounts
  • Open accounts or obtain information regarding credit union services

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