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Online Account Access Compatibility Issues

Browser Settings

Several web browser features must be present and enabled in order to use online account access. These include TLSv1.2 or greater, which is integral to the security of your online account access session, as well as JavaScript.

In addition, support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is necessary for proper display of UltraBranch content. All current browsers support these technologies and should work with UltraBranch, though Alaska USA does not test all available browsers.

For assistance with your browser settings, see our UltraBranch Troubleshooting Guide.

Browser Version Requirements

In order to access online account access via the Internet, you need a browser that supports web standards including HTML 4 and better, TLS 1.2 or greater, JavaScript and CSS.

Alaska USA recommends using the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Other browsers that support web standards should work with UltraBranch, but are not specifically tested by Alaska USA.

For both compatibility and security, Alaska USA recommends upgrading to the latest version of your browser, and staying current on all patches for both your browser and operating system.

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