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Online Account Access Features

Support for alpha-numeric passwords

When you initially sign up for online account access you are given a temporary Personal Access Code (PAC) that must be changed the first time you log in.

Online account access allows you to choose an alpha-numeric PAC between 8-12 characters. To change your PAC , choose "Change PAC" from the "Account Profile" tab.

Online account access Business Edition requires you to change your PAC every 6 months. Passwords cannot be re-used for at least 12 months.

Security tip: Create a PAC that is a mixture of letters and numbers. For greater security, avoid words found in a dictionary, easily guessed words, or personal information such as your phone number, social security number, and pet or family names.

Online account access by Phone users
Your Internet PAC and User ID are independent of your Phone PAC and User ID. When you change your PAC or User ID online, you have the option to create separate versions for online account access by Phone and online. For online account access by Phone, your User ID will be your Alaska USA account number and your PAC can only consist of numbers.

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