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Business Services

What's the most convenient way to make a business deposit?

If your business routinely handles high volumes of cash and checks, Alaska USA has several convenient options and free depository supplies for you to make your business deposits.

  • Drop Boxes - Available at most branches, drop boxes are a great option for members who want to avoid waiting in line, and do not immediately require a receipt.
  • Inside the branch - Any Alaska USA branch can take your deposit and provide you with a receipt.
  • Intelligent Deposit - Make cash and check deposits at any time, with on screen verification and check images printed on your receipt. No envelopes or deposit slips needed.
    • Limit 30 checks or bills per batch.
  • Remote Business Deposit Capture - Eligible business members can deposit checks through a personal computer and scanning device at their convenience. There is a monthly fee of $35 for this service.

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