Savings Accounts

Alaska USA members automatically receive a savings account at the same time they join. Alaska USA offers two types of savings accounts; Share Savings and Premium Savings. Savings accounts help balance investment portfolios and provide immediate access to funds.

Both accounts offer a secure, stable way to save money. Dividends are calculated daily and paid quarterly. Your money earns dividends from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal.

Share Savings

  • Earn stable dividends, independent of money market conditions, for a steady rate of return.
  • Pay no maintenance fee as long as the balance remains above $50 ($5 for members less than 26 years of age).

Premium Savings

  • Increase your earnings with a higher rate of return on balances of $10,000 or more.
  • Pay no maintenance fee as long as the balance remains above $50.

Both accounts offer convenience. You can access your account at branches, by calling the Member Service Center, or through ATMs and online account access. 

Saving is easy with direct deposit. You can designate an amount to be put into your savings every time your pay or benefits check is deposited into your Alaska USA account.


The applicable minimum daily balance is required to obtain the stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

You may change your savings account type, one time per dividend period by visiting a branch office or by calling the Member Service Center. Please note that the type of account does not automatically change based upon the account balance.

For complete account information, refer to the Share Account Disclosure Statement. You will also receive one at the time an account is opened.